You Will Never ” Have ” The Time

You Will Never

We live busy lives- lives filled with family, friends, work, school, and for many adults and teens: facebook, twitter, and instagram consume most of their time. With all that goes on in our lives, we seem to not ” have ” the time for God.
It turns out that we will never ” have ” the time for God, whether it be: reading His word, having Quiet Time with Him, going to Church, or etc.
You will never ” have ” the time for God, you ” make ” the time for Him, because you ” want ” and ” need ” too. Just like you ” make ” the time to go onto facebook, because you ” want ” to.
We “make” time for things that matter to us, because we either want to make time for them, or need to. Think about the things that you make the time for.
For me- I have to start off with quiet time with the Lord, otherwise my thoughts, actions, and words are worldly, so I make it my first priority above all else. Sometimes it is hard, I will get distracted, the phone will ring, the dog will have to go outside, I will get an important email that I need to respond to, and etc. But I have to recognize that these are Satan’s way of distracting me from spending time with the Lord.

Above all else, Remember that you “make” the time for things that truly matter, so what matters to you?


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